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Samantha Sanchez: A Lions Club Success Story

Samantha Sanchez was born January 24, 2011 in Bogota, Colombia. When she was 3 years old, her parents noticed that when she saw light her left eye had a reflection similar to the eyes of a cat. The pupil appeared white when light was shined into her eye. Samantha’s parents decided to take her to a doctor, and she was diagnosed with retinal cancer. The doctors told Samantha’s parents that the only treatment was to operate on the tumor and remove the eye.

They went to several specialists for second opinions, but all of them agreed with the original prognosis. Desperate, they went to a hospital in Medellin, where doctors decided they could treat Samantha with a successful experimental therapy, causing the tumor became calcified. Samantha had to go back to Medellin every three months for a checkup, and recently doctors discovered they couldn’t see how the tumor was reacting due to a hemorrhage. Samantha was referred to the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami to continue treatment. The Miami Global Colombian Lions Club initiated a search to obtain the funds necessary, and together with A.D.F., Lion Mike Murphy joined a campaign to gather the necessary funds to pay for the treatment at Bascom Palmer.

In the end, Key Biscayne was instrumental in securing the necessary funding needed for Samantha to continue her treatment and, ultimately, celebrate the news that she is cancer free.

Key Biscayne Lions Club
Key Biscayne Lions Club

Key Biscayne Lions Club Serving The World…

Helmut Heinrich, on behalf of the Key Biscayne Lions Club, presented a check to Grace International to assist with medical expenses for Victoire. Kathy Keith has been helping Victoire and Grace International.

Victoire Francois was a resident of the Grace International Girls Home in Carrefour, Haiti, when the earthquake of 2010 occurred.

Because the air quality was so bad, her asthma got quite worse. She then developed glaucoma due to an over use of steroids to try to control the asthma.

“We thank God for His favor, and the Key Biscayne Lions Club’s donation which made it possible for Victoire to be seen by Dr. Hodapp at Bascom Palmer for treatment of the glaucoma.”