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St. Agnes Academy is a co-educational Catholic elementary school, serving students from grades PreK-3 to 8th. Accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference, the school is operated under the auspices of St. Agnes Parish and the Archdiocese of Miami.

The school has seen tremendous growth since its inception, and has a long tradition of providing quality Catholic education to the children of our parish. Today, St. Agnes Academy has a student body of approximately 500 children.

The faculty and staff at St. Agnes offer instructional approaches that foster and nurture the whole child, and help each child experience the true JOY of Christian discipleship.

Mission Statement

Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last

The mission of St. Agnes Academy is to provide for our students strong Catholic values and academic excellence, while encouraging them to be lifelong learners. JOY (Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last) is our call to action!


Let it be known to all who enter St. Agnes Academy that Christ is the reason for this school. With this in mind, we believe:

• St. Agnes Academy believes that each student is a unique child of God.
• St. Agnes Academy believes in guiding students’ development into responsible, socially conscious, and faith-filled people by proclaiming the Gospel message of love and compassion.
• St. Agnes Academy believes that the family is a fundamental unit of society, acknowledging parents as primary educators. Clergy, teachers, and staff share the responsibility for teaching the children by example.
• St. Agnes Academy believes student learning is a priority. This is achieved by respecting different learning styles, hands on experiences, student teacher interaction, and actively involving students in the learning process.
• St. Agnes Academy believes that a healthy environment is essential to the development of a child. As Catholics we acknowledge cultural, economic, and religious diversity by promoting mutual respect.
• St. Agnes Academy believes the curriculum should be rooted in Catholic truths and values, fostering a global awareness that impels students to serve others.
• St. Agnes Academy believes that in order to have a solid educational program it is essential to have ongoing evaluation and revision of curriculum based on current research.


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