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Business Information:

Greenstar Irrigation is a full-service licensed irrigation company in Miami-Dade County. We specialize in repairs to, and maintenance of, existing irrigation systems.  At Greenstar Irrigation, our goal is for your lawn to be the best looking and healthiest lawn in your neighborhood. This starts with your irrigation system. In order to achieve a healthy lawn, your sprinkler system needs to function at its maximum efficiency. With drought conditions in Florida, even a few days of your lawn in drought can cause damage that takes months for turf to recover from, so timeliness is crucial.

Irrigation installs & repairs can be complex. Our experienced irrigation technicians have a thorough understanding of plumbing, electrical, water pressure, hydraulics, precipitation rates and irrigation design. Greenstar Irrigation arrives to every job with all supplies needed for any of your lawn sprinkler repair needs.

Service Includes:

• Inspection of Sprinkler System
• Check for Breaks in the Lines
• Check for Damaged Heads
• Check Pump Station and Master Zone Valve
• Check for Buried Heads
• Check all Valves
• Check and Set Timer

Our signature 7-Point Irrigation Tune-up for just $49.95

Celebrating 40+ Years of Service in South Florida.

Peter Masi, President

  • Florida Irrigation Specialist
  • Landscaping in South Florida for over 40+ years
  • Family owned and operated since 1985
  • Licensed and Insured