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A Trusted Name In Real Estate

The quality of the decisions we make is based on the information we have access to. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty we believe in not only helping you buy or sell your home when the time is right, but also helping you understand the market and decide when that time has arrived.

Our latest market report, Insight 2020 Mid-Year Report has been officially released, along with a special Insight report entitled Impacts: How The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Affected The South Florida Real Estate Market. In each of these reports you will have access to not only the facts, but the knowledge with which to understand what the facts mean. If you determine that the time is right for you to buy or sell, or you would like to discuss the market further, one of our Associates is here to help you get the most out of your real estate experience.

Access the reports today at EWMInsight.com. Make a better move with the market in sight.



Vivian Galego-Mendez 305.205.2626
Titu Arguello 786.554.9712
Rosanna Albornett 561.573.5401
Viviana Arboleda Statton 786.810.7634
Thais Aristimuno 786.554.9712
Cristian Balbontin 305.992.9088
Silvia Bermudez  786.201.5757
Pity Betancourt  786.356.2600
Maria Corina Betancourt 954.665.4162
Sandra S. Borgonovo 786.486.0610
Marilyn Borroto 305.979.7510
Silvia Caicedo 786.344.9746
Rosa Calero 305.799.1336
Florencia Capiel Moni 786.200.4867
Elena Chacon 305.606.5700
Gigi Costa 305.978.3266
Victoria De Giraldo 786.200.1288
Marissa De La Tejera 305.206.2526
Maria Donnelly 305.790.8873
Angeles Ferrer 305.798.6630
Susan Fiamma 305.332.6228
Vivianna Franchy 305.798.6010
Martha Garcia 786.348.3031
Hilse Martin 305.772.0129
Rosella Garcia Moreno 786.201.2121
Lorena Garcia Morillo 305.215.7693
Alicia Tarafa Gilbert 305.586.3190
Corina Gonzalez 786.521.4551
Daniela Gonzalez 281.686.8336
Cristian Gonzalez Black 305.775.3426
Ifigenia Gonzalez 786.302.0596

Yadira Henriquez 786.296.8589
Valerie Hummel
Sylvia Iriondo 305.934.7302
Mariana Lafuente 305.846.2151
Angela Langlois 305.205.5522
Juanita Lopez 305.803.4891
Carmen B. Llano-White 305.588.9717
Florecia Loyola 305.491.7090
Maria Jose Lucena 305.815.6161
Beatriz Lugo De Forero 786.486.1740
Adolfo Malave 305.213.996
Annie Mammes 305.213.8950
Gabriela Marcos 305.951.6056
Pilar Mercader 786.208.5407
Paulette Monserrate 305.610.4147
Lucia Morales 786.317.6655
Lupita Peterfy-Shaya 305.301.6584
Cristina Preti 305.815.5282
Encina Neira 305.613.7173
Catarina Nene 786.818.2726
Spencer Raymond 305.951.5970
Marla Rivas 786.317.8285
Libsen Rodriguez 305.767.6506
Andrea Salvatore 305.989.6765
Carmen Tonarely 305.338.6106
Maria Fernanda Torres 786.510.1370
Giulietta Ulloa 305.710.6620
Mariela Valdez 305.775.5043
Eva Veiga 305.332.5688
Ingo Viehweg 305.342.9505

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