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Come and meet the Miami Real Estate team of Audrey Ross of Compass. Audrey and her team are passionate about meeting people and making their dream of owning a home in Miami come true. Audrey is well known doe being very personable and become good friends with many of her customers.

Our goal is to provide the ultimate in professional residential and commercial real estate service to the most affluent customers, focusing on properties in the upper level marketplace which serve the needs of a sophisticated clientele.

Audrey Ross has been in business since 1984 under the name of Ross and Associates, Inc. and now operating as Vice President of Compass, a highly focused real estate company which operates in 30 locations and has 40 international outlets. However, our website, www.miamirealestate.com, has been in existence since the beginning of the Internet under the same name and always representing the BRAND OF AUDREY ROSS, LUXURY REAL ESTATE. Many years ago, it was decided to brand the name of the main “rainmaker” for the company/firm/team, and that has been Audrey Ross. Since that time, the team has participated in “brand management” in a variety of ways from answering our phones “Audrey Ross’s office”, to heading team advertising in that manner and generally bringing all of the business under the one name.

In South Florida, it appears that this has been successful, because everyone owning any property over a million dollars, will generally recognize the name and associate it with luxury real estate whenever luxury property is discussed. Sales volume has exceeded $200 million in a given year and has run as high as 63 million in a given week. Our firm can best be described as a luxury real estate firm catering to high net worth individuals in a private atmosphere.


Audrey Ross

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